Kody & Family

Kody was born in Connecticut and lived there until he was seven years old. That is when his family moved to the Charlotte area of North Carolina. Throughout his childhood, Kody was exposed to addiction and the lifestyle that comes with that.

When Kody was 15, he too turned to drugs and alcohol. In high school, he started partying and regularly using prescription pills. It developed into a full- blown addiction which caused Kody to begin stealing to pay for his habit.

Through the course of life-changing events, Kody ended up in a rehab facility in South Carolina at age 18. His third night in rehab, finding no other solution, Kody called out to God for help. That night God saved him and completely changed his life. In the days following his salvation God made it clear to Kody that he was being called to ministry.

After Kody left rehab, he attended Fruitland Bible College. There, God not only began to grow his love for ministry but laid on Kody’s heart the desire to move back to New England. He knew that that was where God wanted him to plant a church.

In January of 2014, his dream became a reality when Kody made the move back to New England and began to make his home in Massachusetts. It was during this time where Kody felt a specific call to Gloucester and knew he would start a church there.

In October of 2014, Kody married Lindsey Glasier. Lindsey grew up in Colorado and moved to New England with her family over a decade ago.

In 2015 Kody graduated with a degree in Christian Ministries from Liberty University and then in 2019 he completed his Masters Degree in Theological Studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kody is currently finishing his Masters of Divinity.

Kody and Lindsey are excited as they begin their journey back to Gloucester, with a renewed call to start a church, and raise their family there - they now have three sons, Karter, Greyson, and Luca.